SHARP Introduces an Innovative Multifunction Photocopier

SHARP is a top-class Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronic products. The company is known for high-quality devices with innovative features. They create a variety of IT products that can compete even with the most famous world brands. Currently, the Hong Kong distributor of SHARP products is promoting the multifunction photocopier. This product aims to provide all-inclusive office solutions. It works at high speed, prints in high resolution, and offers a friendly, smart user interface.

The multifunction photocopier has a touch screen that makes it easy to use even for people with minimal tech knowledge. The design of the device is practical and modern. 

Although the manufacturers tried to make the multifunction photocopier as simple to use as possible, this device is far from ordinary. It serves for much more than simply copying and printing papers. You can print long papers, also known as banners. Typically, you would need to ask for such services at the printing office because not many photocopiers have this option. However, SHARP’s idea is to give their users all the tools they need at the office, including the banner printing!

Another innovative feature that the SHARP multifunction photocopier has is the input and output of cloud documents and documents from mobile devices. Thanks to this feature, users can print and copy content from their smartphones, without having to use a computer, USB flash drive, or any other tool that photocopiers usually require.

To meet the high-security standards, SHARP introduced a multi-layered security system. It protects the information security several integrated options. User Authentication and Password Protection are some of them.

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