WSET Level 2 Introduces the Wine Industry to Course Attendees

People with little to no experience or knowledge of wines can attend WSET Level 2 at CorVino to improve their skills and learn more about their favourite beverage. The educators of this elite wine school typically advise their clients to start at the first level, rather than skipping courses. Each course, whether it’s a wine or a sake course, is carefully designed to cover all the areas needed for comprehensive studies. In case attendees choose to skip some of the levels, they may miss out on important lessons that could be the stepping stones in their future careers.

WSET Level 2 is based on the foundation of the first level. Thus, attendees learn how to use sight, smell and taste to explore wines originally. When they attend the second level, they will improve those skills significantly. Also, clients will learn about grape varieties around the world and all the factors that affect the quality and style of wines. Clients will start describing wines with confidence at WSET Level 2. Identically to the first level, attendees will receive prestigious certificates after completing the course.

The sake course follows a system similar to the wine course. The first level teaches clients all the basic skills and lessons they need to know if they plan to get involved in the sake industry. The second level of the sake course is created for clients that are not satisfying with knowing only the basics and are willing to learn more. After completing each course, attendees receive certifications that are highly valuable in the beverage industry and can help them pursue exciting careers in the competitive market.

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