Order a Custom Italian Deluxe Yacht in Hong Kong

Asia Yachting is one of the leading private brokerage and dealerships in Hong Kong. This company is selling new and pre-owned luxury boats that meet the highest standards of the industry. Buyers can find an Italian Deluxe Yacht, French luxury brands, and other prestigious yachts at convenient prices. 

Interested clients can check the yacht listings directly on the Asia Yachting website. Here, they can fill the search form that includes the manufacturer, model, price range, and length of the yacht. These filters will serve to show the visitor most of the yachts that are currently available. Some of the boats that users can see on the website are the Prestige Coupe, Monte Carlo Italian deluxe yacht, Fountain Pajot, Ferreti, and Sanlorenzo, among others.   

The buyer doesn’t have to purchase the yacht instantly. He/she can contact the Asia Yachting team and book a meeting to inspect the boat and make sure it’s the model they would like to buy. Since there is a wide selection of yachts, the customer might like another Prestige Coupe yacht they see, not the one they liked online. 

In case the client is looking for a specific Italian deluxe yacht that is not listed in the catalog, there is an option to order the yacht at Asia Yachting. The client should contact the Asia Yachting team and fill the request form for the desired boat. Also, this company offers boat customization. Therefore, the client can customize the Prestige Coupe or any other yacht they purchase at Asia Yachting. Expressing the wishes to the company’s representatives is all that it takes to deliver a yacht that will meet the needs and preferences of the client. That point applies to both aspects – aesthetics, and performance.  

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