How to: Article Writing for School

Do you find it challenging to write a good article for school or compelling IG/ FB post for your followers? Check out the tips below from writing experts!

  1. Include references. If you’re writing about a topic in your article, make sure to include at least three or four sources that support what you’re saying. People are going to check your sources, so you have to make sure that they’re credible.
  2. Make it interesting. The whole point of writing an article or IG/ FB post is to make it interesting. So, don’t just include facts and statistics. You need to do more than that.
  3. Use a good style. A good rule of thumb when writing an article or IG/ FB post is to use a clear, simple, and direct style. Don’t use complex vocabulary or long sentences. No matter how good your writing skill is, if you write in a complicated way, people are going to struggle reading your article.
  4. Be concise. In order to make your article or IG/ FB post more interesting and effective, it’s best to be concise.
  5. Write in paragraphs. It is best to write your article or IG/ FB post in paragraphs. A good article or IG/ FB post is usually divided into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should be self-contained.

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