Thrombosis Treatment HK for DVT, Venous ulcer, and Varicose Veins

Esteem Surgical Clinic offers high-standard Thrombosis Treatment HK for patients with vascular problems. This prestigious medical centre is known for its innovative services and qualified specialists that use the newest medical practices to treat vascular disorders.

One of the Thrombosis Treatment HK that patients can receive at Esteem Surgical Clinic focuses on varicose veins. Enlarged, swollen veins usually of dark purple or blue colour typically appear on the legs. They can be twisted, bulging, or lumpy and can cause several medical complications. Patients with varicose veins tend to have heavy and uncomfortable feelings in their legs. Aching, as well as swollen ankles and feet. When noticing some of these symptoms, patients should contact the Esteem Surgical Clinic on time to prevent further complications.

Another Thrombosis Treatment HK at Esteem Surgical Clinic helps people with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). This condition occurs when a blood clot develops in some of the deep veins, typically in the leg. Those clots are called venous thrombosis and they require a quick reaction to avoid serious health risks, such as severe pain and embolism, among others.

Patients with venous ulcers can also seek help at Esteem Surgical Clinic. Ulcers can appear due to poor blood flow in the leg veins. Untreated venous ulcers can spread and cause life-threatening complications, such as gangrene. For that reason, it is extremely important to contact Esteem Surgical Clinic if the patient notices some of the common symptoms, such as pain, swelling (one leg), itching, or discoloured or hardened skin. Specialists will run all the necessary tests, diagnose the problem and suggest the best Thrombosis Treatment HK accordingly.