How to find a suitable Math Tutor for your kids?

For some reasons, Math has always been a nightmare for some of us. However, it is always a main subject in many international examinations. To get a good grade, or even succeed in the subject, some professional guides are definitely helpful. Yet, that’s the question – how to get a good tutor?

1. Choose a tutor who knows the examination

Every examination is different and requires different skills and abilities, so getting a math tutor who knows about the paper is so important. For example, if your kid is going to take UKiset, focus on searching for a UKiset Math Tutor who has previous experience on sharing the skills on the examination. If your kid wants to get the perfect 800 score in SAT, don’t be hesitate to opt for a SAT Math tutor who knows its particular strategy.

2. Research on their past student’s performance

Past student’s performance is basically the portfolio of the Math tutor. If you are looking for an IB Math tutor, have a look at how much other student’s performance has improved, and how they improved. Apart from looking at the results, also look at what methods he is using.

3. Try to use an online tutoring platform

Online coaching saves so much money, time and energy. Just a few clicks, then you can browse all the tutor’s information, no matter if you are looking for an AP Math Tutor, SAT Math Tutor or ISEB Math Tutor.