Your private investment manager

Are you still searching for the best private investment manager? Look no more. Introducing Limited Partnership Funds Hong Kong, a.k.a. LPF HK, the one-stop-shop for your investment. We are not only your investment manager, but we are also your auditor, your responsible persons and we could be your authorized representatives if you required. LPF Setup is simple and effortless. To set up an account with us, basically contact us or head to our website here: In this new era, with new technology, comes with new form of saving your assets. It is hassle-free and no longer required anything more than just a simple button. Being your investment manager, we can manage your accounts when you are on vacation or heading for a bigger investment project. As your auditor, we can always make sure you do not have to worry about those number figures that always dig your head in. Furthermore, being the responsible person of your funds, we can make the finest decisions for you in your best interests. Nonetheless, if you wish to, we can also act as the authorized representative. We can send an elite team to meet and negotiate the perfect strategy to further boost your investment funds. However, we do not stop here, LPF HK strive for the best for our valued customers.  If there is any other assistance you need from us, our service team are thrilled to contact you and tailor the ideal plan that suits you the most. The past trust structure is no longer valid, a brand-new model is what you need to succeed.

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