SEM in Hong Kong

To succeed in SEM Hong Kong, you need all-round strategies. Starting from choosing the right keywords. Everything starts with a keyword. You should pick keywords with right intent. For example, if you sell Hong Kong SEM service, target keyword “Hong Kong SEM” may not be suitable, as such search will only want to know what is Hong Kong SEM. In this case, you may want to target SEM agency for people actually finding an agency with SEM service in Hong Kong. Another you may consider is the keyword volume and competition. You should find a balance between them. As keywords with high search volume will have keen competition, in which your Hong Kong SEM campaign will be very expensive. But if target keywords are no search volume,  you cannot reach your target audience, and end up no results for your SEM Hong Kong campaign. To know keyword volume and competition, you can make use of different keyword tools, such as Google Keyword Planner.

After selecting the right keywords, the quality of ad copy is at same important. With attractive title and description, you will outperform your competitors. Call to action messages and extension added will increase the conversion rate. By grouping your ads with same targeting and relevant keywords, more effective is your SEM Hong Kong campaign. Finally, tracking and monitoring is as equal importance with the above two. With your data in hand, analysis and digest. With learning from the data, you get insights and know how to improve in the future.  

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