Private fund management

Limited Partnership Funds, an innovative way of private fund management has been recently introduced to the market. In accordance with the new framework, LPF HK is now able to provide unprecedented services for clients who are seeking a new form of asset and wealth management. If you are interested in knowing more about how the team in LPF HK can assist you, click here to explore the endless possibilities awaits. The team in LPF HK can not only assist you with setting up your private funds, but also able to register our private investment in Hong Kong. There are also numerous benefits if you choose to port to one of the best companies amongst the field, including private support and tailored plans to suit your best interests. There is no minimal capital required, as we always say, nothing is too minor for us to handle. We care about your needs and we treat your lifetime savings with utmost respect, whether big or small. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we are delighted to hear from you, and we are more than happy to sit with you to discuss anything you have in mind. Rest assured, this partnership funding model can no doubt protect your benefits while they are in our specialist care. Our professional team could be in contact with you within a day as soon as you have made up your mind. Give us a try, LPF Setup will be able to assists and protects you.

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