Marketing Webinar Platform for Institutions and Businesses

The necessity for a quality community marketing webinar platform is incredibly high all around the world. In fact, recruitment companies, educational institutions, and a wide range of communities looked for all-inclusive programs that could satisfy all their digital communication needs and provide top-quality onsite event technical services for decades; it was only around the quarantine time in 2020 that most of these groups discovered an innovative software that provided all the tools they needed for an effective online engagement. The name of the software is UC. NOW.

UC. NOW does not offer only a video conferencing link as most of its competitors do; this community marketing webinar platform serves as a stable, powerful workplace for communities all around the world. It provides efficient onsite event technical services that ensure user satisfaction and top performance. With all its features, UC. NOW managed to become one of the leading platforms for companies of all sizes. The success started in Hong Kong and is expanding worldwide!

UC. NOW’s users do not have to worry about any difficulties when using the community marketing webinar platform. Thanks to excellent onsite event technical services, every user can take advantage of an advanced project manager feature, as well as connectivity and event tech planning, set up and testing, speaker support, rehearsal, post-event reports, and other innovative feature. Anytime members need professional assistance, they can request urgent support at UC. NOW. A team of experienced tech experts will help them manage their channels and utilize the maximum potential of this extra-beneficial digital communication platform.

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