Introducing Webinar Platform

You might have heard of the terms “webcast” and “webinar” ever since the pandemic hit and businesses around the world started to move meetings and events into the virtual environment.  What is the difference between a webcast and a webinar then? A webcast is a one-way audio-visual presentation to large audiences across the globe. It can be live-streamed or pre-recorded, enabling audience to view in real-time or on demand. On the other hand, a webinar is a two-way live and interactive meeting. Hosts and participants can utilize the webinar platform to speak on the call, write and share files via chat, and respond to polls and surveys. A good webinar platform can make your life so much easier. What makes a webinar platform desirable then? First, it has to allow various integrations, enabling data and statistics to be sent to automation, marketing, and customer relationship management tools. Second, it needs to offer easy customization on invitations, emails, registration pages, branded webinars, waiting rooms, etc. Last but not least, it ought to maintain a high level of security with features such as limited audience access, password protection, and login authentication.

A user-friendly virtual info day solution is just as popular thanks to the pandemic. Usually, students can inquire about the different degrees, scholarships, accommodations, and explore the campus building virtually with the help of a virtual info day solution. To make sure that the virtual info day takes off smoothly, the landing page needs to be visually captivating and highly functional to entice visitors into registering for the info day.

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