Innovative Webinar Hosting Platform

Hosting online webinars are easier than ever with the help of UC-Now’s Webinar Platform and Webinar Portal. The Webinar Platform and Webinar Portal enables you to create more than a video conferencing event, it allows real time interaction and customizable collaboration functions. Webinars will no longer be merely guests speaking and audience listening, but true time interactions and collaboration will be allowed during the event. Webinars will be more interesting than ever with our Webinar Platform and Webinar Portal as they encourage communication more than ever with its higher interaction capability. Not only that no other applications installation is needed which will significantly increase accessibility, it also allows automatic invitation process hence minimizing human work-load. When enterprises set up their guest list, the Webinar Portal will send out invitation emails and automatically receives responses. Inviting guest will be easier than ever with the atomization process. Our Webinar Platform can also assist with scheduling if you have one or more presenter. The top of the range customization options means endless possibilities for your next webinar event. The creative team behind UC-Now will be able to assist you to achieve anything you would like with your virtual webinar. Our Webinar Platform and Webinar Portal is different from ordinary webinar applications as it has endless customizations available. Our portal allows real-time interactions including hosting private meeting rooms and hosting online discussion sessions with multiple guest speakers. With our budget options available, you will be able to host your next webinar at ease.

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