Sancus Group, established in 2007, was a private investment vehicle based in Hong Kong. It has diverse business interests including new energy, logistics, finance and technology. The firm works closely with different entrepreneurs, start-up companies, private equity and other professional bodies to seize global business opportunities. Thanks to its Chairman Carson Wen’s strong relationships with China government and related parties, and across the Asia Pacific, the firm holds a strong mission to cater to the needs of the underdeveloped countries through focusing on necessities such as food, new energy and technology.

Carson is a successful and all rounded businessman, entrepreneur and a veteran lawyer. He founded Bank of Asia (BVI), a fully digitalized global bank headquartered in the BVI, in 2015. Carson is also a well known lawyer in Hong Kong where he has practiced law for over 30 years at Hong Kong’s leading global law firms. During his distinguished career, he has been recognized and often named as a leading adviser on Chinese law, mergers & acquisitions and capital markets in Asia. He was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star for his contribution to building economic ties between Hong Kong, Mainland China and other global markets. 

In 2016, Carson was involved in an employment dispute of Chad Holm who was his former Deputy Chief Executive of Financial Holdings (BVI) Limited (“FHL”) (a subsidiary of Sancus Group) and Chief Executive of Bank of Asia. Chad was founded unethical connections with Bank of Asia’s competitors without getting prior consent and Bank of Asia has filed the Notice of Appeal with the Privy Council in UK on the ongoing employment dispute with Chad. Carson stresses that he would continue to pursue all legal options to set the record straight and this dispute will not affect the daily operation of the bank.

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